Create full types of Domain Templates – including Substation Automation, Wind Power Plant, Hydro Power Plant and Distributed Energy Resources and more in minutes.

Make use of UML diagrams to manage the relations between Domains and Data Types. Enable to reuse and customize Logical Nodes, Data Types and Enum Types.

Create and configure SCL data in a more intuitive and intelligent way. Support comprehensive model checks – including SCL Schema and Integrity.

Product Highlights

  • Vendor Independent
  • Standard Compliant
  • Project Architecture
  • Intelligent Creation
  • UML-based Diagram
  • Comprehensive Model Validation
  • Flexible Model Extension
  • XML Schema Aware
  • User friendly GUI

Key Features

  • Dynamic Load of SCL Schema
  • Act on Loaded SCL Schema
  • Domain-Oriented Project Templates
  • Full Edition Support (E1.0, E2.0 or above)
  • Full Domain Support (SAS, WPP, HPP, DER)
  • Domain Update Service Support (Upon required)
  • Powerful Model Check Support

Major Benefits of Our Products

  • Increase Productivity and Proficiency
  • With helps of our tools, engineers can sharpen their knowledge in understanding the full architecture of SCL and develop new skills in handling Model Data details. To create or modify SCL data by hand can become very difficult and error prone. Our team are of many years of experiences in developing, testing and commissioning in power automation industry, we know what tool is supposed to have and what features matter.
  • Keep Model Up-to-date
  • Our products are designed to keep pace with the evolution of IEC 61850/61400 and companion series standards. Our team enjoy updating and adding new Domains to our tool suite according to the newly release edition of SCL Schema.
  • Lower Development Costs
  • To develop an IED requires to spend a lot time in prototyping, configuring, testing and commissioning the IED Model (ICD/CID) according to its application. The whole process can be shortened by the helps of professional modelling tools. With presence of our products, vendors can save a lot of financials in developing tools themselves.