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A new look of SCT (system con...

A new look of SCT (system configuration tool) tool for IEC 61850


A number of diagrams are added to SCT tools to make the best benefits out of IEC 61850.


Graphically prototype the Substation topology and identify the key electrical equipment (objects, naming structures) used within primary process.


Generate the station-wide signal list which are bound to the information of respective IED... to help utilities better control of their intellectual assets.


Identify and allocate Functions (standardized by IEC) within primary process and bound those Functions (LNodes) to LNs of respective LDevices within IEDs


Also known as System Diagram, prototype the communication topology, such as which Access Point of an IED is connected to which port of a Switch, which LAN?...


Model the information exchange between IEDs, such as information of GOOSE, Report, SMV, Poll...

The diagram looks similar to IEC 61499 with Input terminals (the sink) and Output as one service of GOOSE/Report/SMV/Poll (the source) which make use of DataSets.


Group all DataTypes of different application of IEC 61850 and manage them by means of UML for better reusable, much the same as Component Diagram of UML


Much the same as Class/Static Diagram of UML