IED Model Designer

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  • Current Released Edition 2017B
  • IED Model Designer is an IED Configuration Tool for engineers to work with IEC 61850 devices. It can be used to perform the routine tasks of IED configuration. It can be used to design new domains for IEC 61850 applications, to extend or customize logical node and data classes.

    It provides graphical and intuitive way to assist users preventing from making configuration mistakes. This tool supports both Ed.2 and Ed.1 IEDs and is considered to support future Edition.

    It provides preloaded libraries for logical node and data classes defined by respective parts of IEC 61850 (HPP, DER and SAS). It also provides preloaded libraries for IEC 61400 (Wind Power).

    EMP 8000 supports SST and SCT in addtion to ICT.

    Key Features

    Domain Diagram

    IED Model Designer allows the engineer to keep track of the evolution of different application domains like HPP, WPP, DER, SA etc. It allows the engineer to develop new domains for different IEC 61850 applications easily.

    Data Type Diagram

    IED Model Designer (IMD) is an ideal tool for building and extending logical node or data classes (LNodeType, DOType, DAType and EnumType). It applys UML technologies to express the design of Classes. It uses graphical notations to present complex data structures.

    Configure LN/LN0

    For LN/LN0, IED Model Designer provides intuitive wizards to configure DataSet, ReportControl, LogControl, DOI, External Reference, Log, GSEControl, SampledValueControl and SettingGroup quickly.

    Configure DatSet

    IED Model Designer provides advanced wizard to assist users in configuring DatSet easily.

    Preconfigure Input Signals

    IED Model Designer provides advanced wizard to assist users in preconfiguring external signals of the Inputs element easily.

    Configure DOI

    The DOI of the LN element can be configured as easily as just selecting from the menu dropbox.

    Set DOI Initial Value

    IED Model Designer provides advanced wizard to assist users in configuring the initial value of the instantiated object. In addtion, some vendor specific attributes (like sAddr and valKind) can also be set easily.

    Configure Communication

    Communication parameters can be configured easily - such as parameters for MMS, GSE and SMV.

    Configure IED Services

    IED Services can be configured easily - just selecting the services from a menu dropbox.

    Validate SCL

    IED Model Designer supports XML Schema check and Data integrity check. Integrity check can discover those errors which can not be detected by Schema check. It can precisly pinpoint the errors and jump to the target item.


    • IED Development
    • ICD Builder
    • CID/IID Editor
    • Logical Node and Data Classes Designer
    • SCL Validation