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User Manual for IED Modeler

User Manual for IED Modeler

The IED Modeler/Designer is a comprehensive IED oriented SCL modelling tool for IEC 61850/61400 and companion standards. It has been designed to keep pace with the evolution of standards. Model Designer has been designed to address the diverse requirements of different types of users. It can be used by IEC 61850 Standard developers, IED vendors, stack vendors, researchers, engineers, utilities companies and people who are interested in applying Model Driven Architecture in system design. Feedback from this broad user base is allowing the product to evolve and we are continually adding new features to simplify the introduction of IEC 61850/61400 into production environments.
  • Part One: IED Model Design

  • Part Two: Domain Design

  • Part Three: IED Model Extension

  • Part Four: IED Model Validation